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Translucent Tiles

It was a costly affair earlier to maintain decoration of home, offices and shops due all reason to this thing were very costly and also needed a experts to reach perfection.

But time changed rapidly and you find best and cheap options available in market. In the same you have option to choose your best at www.floor2walls.com as your need. You can choose designs for walls, floors, rooms, bathroom and more for your home, shop and offices. You do not require any qualification for the same.  You just need to select category for any decorative Items and you will ideas itself, whether it is for furniture, doors, walls or anything you don’t want now anymore. You can change into new look. Options will be available for you like i.e. wooden film, Decorative Glass film, wall stickers, wall art design, wall paper, wooden flooring and more.

Apart of these all you will get many products available here by which you can give entire new look to floor, ceiling and walls. You may use 3D wall art wall panel, Flexi Stone Tiles, Korean colored natural transparent tiles (Has specialty of JOINT PROOF). These products are very costly but you can design them as per your need and creativity.

One more practical problem we all are facing generally in offices and shops and even at home of moisture at wall and ceilings. That spoils look, furniture and paint of entire area. Also there is no permanent solution of it, and even if it is then will be so costly to afford. You may find a suitable option at www.floor2walls.com Cello Bubble Guard Wall Panel which can be use directly at cemented plaster to get rid of moisture and maintenance and make attractive look of the place.

Now a days new pattern is in fashion to use beautiful look of ceiling and walls in Restaurants, Hotels, Office Chambers, Factories. You may find Customized Wall Paper, 3D wall Paper, Decorative Wall Paper at www.floor2walls.com for attractive wall paper designs or you may send your own design or brand to print on it. Wall papers are 100% water proof, Scratch proof and can be reuse after 10 years.

We have best options available so no need to go anywhere else.

Share a new experience with us and make us proud as a family member in decorating you or your friend’s house, office, or organization. You may contact directly to our registered channel partners.